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Escalation NetOps Transformation

NetOps 2.0 101: Escalation Challenges and Solutions

When we look at efficiencies in a NetOps organization, the final area to conquer the transformation is escalations. 

Each time and escalation occurs, there is a significant negative impact to the company’s mean time to repair KPI. Not only does the incident incur dead time while it sits in a ticket queue without progress, the escalation engineer is forced to waste time by repeating everything the previous engineer did, before they can move on.

Recall that engineers need to define a problem area and collect relevant information before they can determine they need to escalate. 

If engineers are using GUIs and CLI, it is nearly impossible to transfer this information between engineers, until recently. Many software tools are creating ServiceNow integrations that allow some pretty extensive information for incident enrichment. Others enable collaboration directly inside the platform. 

What happens in an organization when new technology is introduced?

The front line engineers have not developed the skill set required to operate the new technology, so escalations occur, overloading your top level engineers who should be solving problems.

Making escalations more efficient is only half of the story. Reducing escalations altogether has a snowball effect on MTTR and network project on-time completion rates. 

In order to reduce escalations, knowledge needs to be shared quickly and effectively. Anytime a new problem is found, new automation assistance needs to be created to ensure information is democratized. Executable playbooks are also coming available on the market to provide knowledge automation. 

In phase 4 of the NetOps transformation, you have created a world class Network operations organize that is fully integrated into your IT infrastructure. You’ve reduced MTTR, top of funnel incident, and have freed up enough resources to empty the project queue and completed new projects to that give your company a competitive advantage, new business revenue and improved reputation. 

DIRE NetOps can help

If you find yourself struggling with your NetOps 2.0 Transformation, you are not alone. Let DIRE NetOps, our parent company and professional services organization, help you find the right tools to fill the gap, and transform your NetOps organization into a world class, well oiled machine.

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