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NetOps 2.0 101: Documentation Challenges and Solutions

There are few things that a Network loves to do more than to document, right? Of course not! We know that a large majority of the networks have as-built documentation lagging behind what is actually deployed in the network.

Sure, everyone has their initial design proposals; however, the details of a project evolve over time and before too long, Network Engineers are faced with the decision of working on the next escalation , or spending the next 4 days documenting the changes.

To complicate things more, the network is changing rapidly, so not only is this problem felt at the network architecture and design level, the same pain is felt in the network operations teams.

The reality is that Network Engineers aren’t able to keep up with documenting the networks, which feeds a continuous circle of preventable outages. These cost some companies millions of dollars per hour of outage, and sometimes it doesn’t stop when the problem is fixed

What’s the solution?

One option is to build a team for documentation. Some companies we’ve worked with were pretty good at keeping up with documentation. They had documentation teams dedicated to doing this day in and day out. The documentation was great, but the rate of change meant a lot of human resources spent, and pretty good meant 1-2 months behind.

What isn’t working is having expensive engineering resources allocating their time to documenting every change.

Automated Documentation:

Fortunately, for the the modern NetOps organization, there are a full suite of Network Automation Platforms that fill this void quite nicely. Each has their advantages and DIRE NetOps can help you choose the right one for your company’s needs.

DIRE NetOps can help.

If you find yourself struggling with your NetOps 2.0 Transformation, you are not alone. Let DIRE NetOps, our parent company and professional services organization, help you find the right tools to fill the gap, and transform your NetOps organization into a world class, well oiled machine.

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