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NetOps Transformation Repair

NetOps 2.0 101: Repair Challenges and Solutions

With the company’s mean time to repair (MTTR) already significantly reduced by having on-demand documentation and automation assistance, it’s time to ensure your repairs are not breaking the network. 

Depending on who reports it, anywhere from 50-80% of problems were caused by change. This is where intent based network checks come will provide a significant return in value from the NetOps transformation. 

You can think of intent based checks as a documented set of requirements for all your application and IT service needs. These verification “scripts” become a set regression tests for your network to ensure any repair does not inadvertently break another intent of the network. 

There are even some predictive change verification offered by a few tools on the market that will ensure, from a network policy perspective, that a change in one policy, doesn’t impact the intent of other needs in the policy. 

Phase 3 of the NetOps transformation is also when it’s time to look at configuration management from a perspective of standardization. 

We’ve all heard the joke, what does SDN stand for?

Still Does Nothing

One of the biggest values of SDN is to remove configuration from the equation of network issues. Allowing a software define controller to program the network based on user requirements virtually eliminates human error from the equation. 

The problem is that SDN is a costly upgrade and its is still in its infancy.

There are tools available today that will improve your accuracy and compliance across your network.

DIRE NetOps can help.

If you find yourself struggling with your NetOps 2.0 Transformation, you are not alone. Let DIRE NetOps, our parent company and professional services organization, help you find the right tools to fill the gap, and transform your NetOps organization into a world class, well oiled machine.

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